Rwandan Ambassador, IMC commemorate Rwandan Genocide Day

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‎Rwandan Ambassador, IMC commemorate Rwandan Genocide Day


BY john fwah


‎The Rwandan High Commissioner to Nigeria, Ambassador Stanislas Kamanzi has called on African countries and it’s leadership to be proactive against every tendencies that could lead to the genocide experience of his country, stressing the need for the promotion of integration among the African countries.

Ambassador Kamanzi stated this in Kaduna ‎yesterday during a program organized by a Kaduna based Interfaith Mediation Centre (IMC) in commemoration of the 1994 genocide experience of Rwanda.

The program which began with a commemoration march, also looked at areas of preventing mass atrocities and honouring victims (candle lightening).

According to the high commissioner, what happened in Rwanda should not have happened and prayed however that it doesn’t happen any more in any country, stressing the need for every country to learn from the lessons of what happened in Rwanda and beware of tendencies capable of a repeat in any country.

” If countries will draw lessons from what happened in Rwanda and commit genuinely to action and ensure that all that led to the genocide is fought and block all loopholes within the system that makes people to think or even show it in a negative manner and focus on what we share , which is humanity.

“The leadership of African countries must think about promoting integration, there may be differences but such differences should be tapped to build the African nations” he said.

Earlier on their parts, the co-executive directors of the IMC, Imam (Dr) Muhammad Nurayn Ashafa and Pastor James Movel Wuyel both reiterated that the Rwandan experience is a lesson for Nigeria not to thread such parts to avoid becoming refugees.

They both harped on the need to ‎avoid hate speech, promote citizenship against indegenship while stressing that early warning signals should be taken seriously.

“Genocide is inhuman and must be eschewed, we must learn from Rwanda to avoid genocide” they both stressed.

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